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Studied at New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness and graduating with The National Certificate in Fitness (Level 3), and the Open Polytechnic Certificate in Personal Training (Level 4) which are both NZQA approved qualifications.

Weather your Goals areCaitalin

– Weight Loss and Toning

– Increased Fitness

– Running Goals

– Ring Sport Strength and Conditioning

Caitalin, as your Trainer will be there, understanding you, motivating and challenging you, actively supporting you, using her sound knowledge, skills and passion to ensure that you are in the best position possible to reach your personal goals and exceed your own expectations!

Reliable, honest and professional in her approach to your training, she’ll take your goals as seriously and with the commitment as she would to her own’ she will push and challenge you’ working with you’ on what matters which is YOU achieving YOUR GOALS be they increasing losing a few kg’s to training for your first marathon or making sure it’s your hand raised when the bell goes on Fight Night’.

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Faisal is tough! he is challenging, he is relentless and unforgiving’ unique in his approach to training, be it his own or his students’ he is by all counts personally and professionally the definition of champion’ humble ( the same humility he expects his students to display ) respectful’ ( the same respect he is granted by his students ) and disciplined ( the same lifestyle discipline he expects his students to live by) prepared to sacrifice ( the same sacrifices he expects his students be willing to make) in order to achieve!

Faisal Diamond FightFighting is Faisal’s life, there is no more dedicated, committed fighter and trainer! he is relentless and courageous in his pursuit to be not just the best he can be, but the very best out there. Being the very best out there’ In the Ring, On the Night is what he strives toward for his students also’

Faisal is an extremely exciting, skilled fighter, Respected Globally for holding true’ in and out of the ring’ to the traditions and eight weapons of Muay Thai! A certain crowd pleaser renowned for his ax riding kicks and spinning backfists, the power of his flying knees and lethal elbows have put many an opponent to the canvas early and are awe inspiring to witness and in class what his students will spends hours dedicated to perfecting the art of!

With Faisal as your coach, mentor and trainer’ and your commitment and genuine drive’ to be A better you, a better Fighter! You will be just that! With Faisal skills and vast experience’ and the moral and ethical influence’ he brings to Diamond Fitness and FIGHT’ you will be EMPOWERED!

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