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About Diamond FitnessWhether your already really active’and take your health and fitness seriously or Is it time to take those positive steps to change for the better some of lifestyle behaviours’ and reach your true goals and potential and achieve a fitter, healthier more empowered YOU’ Diamond FITNESS Classes and Personal Training’ will be there’ Supporting, Challenging and ensuring you are on track through your journey to a more EMPOWERED YOU! Give Caitalin a call to chat further about how we’ can work together and start putting those plans of action’ in place or push those boundries further.

Diamond FIGHT

About Diamond FightDiamond FIGHTING Muaythai’ a fight family’ a culture that you will be welcomed into, where your coach and team will to Push and Challenge You’ to the limits of your capabilities and beyond, it’s where you will exceed your own expectations of self! It’s where you will not only learn and develop but perfect your Ring skills in Muaythai and Fight Fitness’, It’s where your confidence will grow’ it’s a place where your commitment and dedication will be tested’ but your heart will prevail’ it’s where you can come, to be an integral part of team, that shares your Dream’ to be the Champion You know and that we believe You can and WILL be! It’s an environment that you will spend hours within’ it’s where you will know Sweat, feel Pain and what it is to Overcome! It’s where what matter’s is not just You andYour Dream but the Dream of your Fight Family! It’s a place where priorities are clear and sacrifices are made’ Diamond Fighting is where you live and train by a respect and discipline toward others Yes, but to yourself first and foremost! Diamond Fighting Muaythai – where You the FIGHTER will be made and defined!


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